Accessibility Testing

Is your product WCAG 2.1 compliant?

Who needs to be accessible?

Accessibility and inclusive design aren’t just for government-funded bodies or large financial institutions.

By law, Australian businesses and startups must ensure that their digital products are accessible by people of all abilities.

The goal of WCAG 2.1 compliancy

Every individual should have access to, and benefit from, good design. Version 2 of the Web Content and Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) provides a framework to ensure that people with disabilities can access and understand your digital content.

What's involved?

Awareness training

We recommend engaging us early on in the design process. Our accessibility specialists will advise your design and development teams at the wireframe, prototype and UI design stage of the project.

Image of Expiriti accessibility consultant delivering WCAG and Screen Reader awareness training to major banking client

We typically begin with accessibility awareness training that covers the legalities of accessible design in Australia, an overview of WCAG, colour and contrast, and several other critical topics such as accessible form design and accessibility tool kits.

Early-stage design review

Image of Accessibility Testing Early Stage UX Design Review for government

Following the awareness training, our consultants will sit with your UX and UI designers to review live products, concepts, wireframes or finished UI mockups. The aim is to provide recommendations as early as possible before these are designs are built.

Usability testing

We strongly recommend usability testing for customers that most benefit from inclusive design. We will test your prototype or designs with people who match your customer with a range of cognitive, visual and physical abilities.

Code Review

Image of Accessibility Testing Code Review for software company

The final stage in testing is to review the code base. Code accessibility testing can be conducted on live apps and websites or staging environments. Depending on your security constraints, testing can be completed on-site or remotely.

Code testing can occur just prior to your first code freeze, User Acceptance Testing or whenever you feel the product is ready to be reviewed.

The Report

The findings and recommendations from the accessibility testing is then compiled into a lean report.

We can walk through the findings in-person with your product owners, design or development teams in a 1-2 hour workshop.

What you will take away

Accessibility training and advisory for your organisation

Accessibility design review and code base testing report

Legal risk mitigation and WCAG compliance

1-2 hour findings workshop with your product teams

Get in touch

We’re here to discuss your accessibility testing and WCAG compliancy needs. Let’s chat through which approach will best suit your product.