Test Lite

Quickly test new features or designs

About Test Lite

Test Lite is a short and sharp approach to usability testing. It’s the ideal testing package to validate the designs or functionality of a new iteration or minor release.

Turnaround times for Test Lite results make it ideal for making user interface decisions within a design sprint.

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What's involved?

Discovery and test planning

We begin with a quick but deep and detailed client briefing and discovery session. The testing tasks and scenarios (and anything you want to know about the product or your customers!) are defined into test scripts.

The sessions

Testing is conducted with 4 respondents in our lab, typically, on one day. Your key stakeholders are welcome to look on from the observation room.

We often facilitate quick and collaborative findings ‘standups’ in between sessions. This is a great way to involve the product team and stakeholders as well as pool everyone’s input.

Test Results

A summary document of test findings and recommended high-level design changes is quickly compiled within 24-hours of the last session. This allows product owners with a rapid turnaround to make quick but informed decisions with their respective teams and stakeholders.

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The Test Lite package is usually completed within 3 business days.

We endeavour to test all participants on one day, although we offer a flexible approach, acknowledging that sometimes it’s best to wait for the right people.

What you will take away

4 testing sessions facilitated by an experienced UX Researcher;

High-level findings & recommendations summary

USB with video and audio recordings of each session.

Stakeholders can observe usability issues first-hand

Get in touch

We’re here to discuss your next usability testing requirements. Let’s chat through which package will best deliver what you need for your concept or product.