Test Plus

Test on more devices with more people

About Test Plus

Test Plus is the package that gives more of everything. More participants, more testing tasks, more customer research and more hands-on design advice.

It’s ideal for product teams who need additional data to support or amend new and existing designs.

Image of Expiriti UX user research and design consultancy debrief session with users

What's involved?

Discovery and test planning

Like any comprehensive usability testing work, we begin with detailed client briefing and discovery sessions. We’ll work with you to determine the testing tasks and scenarios and convert them into test scripts.

With more participants, we highly recommend adding customer experience enquiry to the sessions to fee dinto yiour existing personas and journey maps. So we’ll also take the time in the briefing to see if there’s anything you would like to know about your customers.

The sessions

Testing is conducted with 12 respondents in our lab over 2 days. Your key stakeholders are welcome to look on from the observation room where lunch and refreshments are provided throughout the day. We can recruit, screen, schedule and manage all user testing participants.

Eye tracking available

Our lab can be setup to measure eye gaze fixation and path mapping for local desktop or browser-based applications, online PC games or even branding concepts. Eye tracking is an insightful UX measurement tool to determine where visual priority exists (or not!).

It makes for interesting data when correlated against task completion and user errors during testing. Read more about our eye tracking offering or get in touch to discuss.

The Report

We’ll review the raw observation data from our research assistant as well as footage for each to compile a Findings & Recommendations Report.

We can present the findings in-person and walk through recommendations with your main stakeholders in a 1-2 hour presentation or workshop

Image of Expiriti UX lean testing package for user research and user testing for government servicesThe Test Plus package takes around 7 business days from start-to-end, depending on recruiting the right people for user testing as well as stakeholder availability for the final workshop.

What you will take away

12 testing sessions facilitated by experienced UX Researchers;

Lean findings & recommendations report

USB with video and audio recordings of each session.

2-hour findings workshop and presentation

Get in touch

We’re here to discuss your next usability testing requirements. Let’s chat through which package will best deliver what you need for your concept or product.